Nile River Bend Resort Jinja; the Jewel of River Nile

If you ever find yourself in Jinja or have a family getaway, you should consider spending a night at the Nile River Bend Resort.  A few months ago we had a family trip to Jinja, and we were looking for a place that could accommodate a large group of people for a night. Although, slightly off the main road, Nile River Bend was the perfect place because of its proximity to the Nile.

The resort is not officially open, but it receives guests at a discounted rate of $75 per night including dinner and breakfast. Though we arrived a little bit late, the Manager, Gideon was amiable and gave us all the information we needed including a special discount and ensured there was dinner for us. The buffet breakfast was terrific; we had a variety of food for all tastes from the kids, adults to our foreign family members. The rooms are spacious with a rustic aesthetic giving you the feeling of outdoors. The only downside is there was no TV or internet in the rooms, but this could be plus if you are looking to detox from electronics.

Golden hour at the River Bend

Located along the river banks of River Nile in Wasiki village, Nile River bend was built as a sustainability venture for the Mashah village an initiative by Reach Youth Global for the orphaned and vulnerable children.  Reach Youth Global is a Christian based organization aimed at changing lives and impacting communities in Jinja. It is interesting to know that the local community made the materials in the rooms from the decor to the furniture.


Staying at the River Nile Bend will not only give you the serene environment that you are looking for but it’s a chance to contribute to a charitable cause. 

Hangout by the river

Room decor

View from the top