#chasingwaterfalls – Dao, Inambakan and Kabungotan falls, Cebu Philipines

A few weeks ago, I shared about my visit to Kawasan and Caimbais waterfalls. If you missed it, you can access it here. I visited five waterfalls within easy reach from Moalboal during my 4-day stay Cebu. We visited these waterfalls in one day starting from the furthest Dao falls to Inambakan, and finally, Kabungotan falls as we headed back to the Moalboal town. Add these waterfalls to your must-visit places in addition to the famous Kawasan falls.

Dao falls, Samboan

To get to this beautiful falls, you have to trek for about 30 minutes through waters bordered by the tall palm trees, boulders, and rocks. The falls are less crowded compared to Kawasan falls but give a more calm and scenic view as you walk to the topmost of the falls. There were no people when we arrived at the uppermost pool of the falls; I had the whole pool to myself for a while. We started exploring from up and made my way back down.  Here, I was able to make a small jump into the water and have a quick swim down the stream surrounded by boulders. At the Dao falls, you can get to taste the spring water in its natural and raw form; getting all the necessary minerals to boost your immunity. One of the highlight at this place was the wobbly picturesque bamboo bridge, make sure to pose and capture a picture at this bridge. Foreigners are required to pay 100 pesos that come with a tour guide, so remember to carry some cash with you.  The guides, though, will not provide you with any information rather than walk with you to the falls. 

Dao falls
Bamboo Bridge to Dao falls

Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan

Inambakan waterfalls have so much to offer that it was my favorite waterfall by far. We started with a small cascading waterfall pouring into a blue pool with a tinny cave not too far from the ticketing area. Almost everyone goes straight to the central falls and miss this spot. I love that I started my way from this small pool and made my way to the bigger pool. Seeing the 100ft tall magnificent misty falls (central falls), pouring into the deep blue waters and surrounded by greenery was breathtaking. You can’t resist taking a deep into these deep blue waters as you swim towards the waterfalls. 

Main Waterfall
Water Massage
Last fall at Inambakan

Right behind the falls, is a big curving rock providing a mini cave, giving you the impression of a curtain-like wall by the waterfalls.  I recommend to stand under the waterfall even if it is for a few seconds to feel the pressure of these magnificent falls, plus it is perfect for pictures. After, we swam back to a smaller waterfall and pool right at the foot of the bigger pool for a water massage. I have only had one water massage before in a typical Korean Sauna; the experience of having a natural water massage cannot be compared to the made-made water massages. 
After the natural massage, we hiked up to a relatively smaller waterfall that runs across the rock. It only takes a quick swim to get the waterfall; you can climb the rock to seat right at the end of the waterfall. 

Kabungotan Falls,  Malabuyoc

I found Kabungotan falls to be the most adventurous of all the falls we visited, partly because we had to work hard to get to the river like the saying goes “good things don’t come easily”. To get to the falls, we had to river trek, hike, swim and some places required stemming, a method used in technical canyoneering where the hand and foot are on different sides of the rocks for 20-30 minutes. I am glad this was the last waterfall I visited; I loved every bit of the thrill of navigating around the boulders. 


The deep blue waters at the end of the trek crowned it all. You can cliff jump in the waters if you are up to the challenge. I decided to pass on the jump and swim my way to the caves. The swim to the caves is quite long, but once you get into the caves, there are rocks on which you can rest as you take in the view of the falls from inside the cave.

One of the small pools

 The waterfall pressure from the falls is quite intense; it would be easier to have a life jacket if you don’t trust your swimming skills. It is highly advisable to visit the falls with a guide as they are complicated to navigate on your own. There is no doubt why these falls are referred to as the ‘hidden paradise of the Southern part’. I finished off the tour with a small cliff jump right at the beginning of the trek.

Travel Tips; What to bring or Wear

  • Bring a waterproof bag with you to store all your valuables
  • Have the right shoes on; water shoes will make your life much easier
  • Sunscreen, even though you might spend most of your time in the water, the heat in the Philippines is pretty intense. I didn’t use sunscreen during my trip, it took me days to treat my burned skin after the trip
  • Waterbottle, save on buying plastic bottled water by bringing your own water bottle
  • Although, although you can visit these falls on your own, you will have a richer experience with a tour guide plus some places will not allow you in unless you have a guide.
  • Don’t forget snacks, you will need the energy after all the trekking, swimming and cliff jumping. 


If you are interested in visiting all these waterfalls, I highly recommend you use personalized tours by www.moalboaladventures.com. FYI this is a free recommendation. He is a credible tour guide who knows all the hidden places that are not so visited by foreigners.