My 2018 Highlights

As I begin this new year 2019, I decided to take some time off and reflect on 2018. I must admit it has been both a challenging and rewarding year. The challenges taught me more about myself. Although it might sound like a cliche’ we are stronger than we think we are. I would like to share some of the highlights that made 2018 awesome – someday I might share the challenges;

  1. I started the year in Uganda spending it with friends and family that I had not seen for close to three and half years. I couldn’t have asked for a better start of the year. I got to experience Uganda from a different perspective. Living abroad changes your perspective, you begin to appreciate the little things that you took for granted.
Golden hour at the River Bend

2. In June, I had my first solo travel to Bali, Indonesia, even though i was filled with mixed emotions, I learned so many things about myself; it was the start of my many solo adventures inland and abroad. I got the the courage to take up any adventure alone instead of waiting for people to do it with me.

Swing, Ubud Bali

3. I checked Thailand of my bucket list. I had the opportunity of visiting Bangkok and Chiang Mai later in the year for one week with a great deal o accommodation. What better way to travel and save money on lodging. Even though Bangkok was great, It just re-enforced my love for nature, city life is not meant for me especially for travels. I would rather camp on some remote island far off from civilization.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

4. I organized a TEDx event; TEDxWoosongUniversity. I had never organized an event of this significance, so when the opportunity presented its self, I jumped right at it. Little did I know the dedication required to pull such an event off. After immersing myself in understanding TED and TEDx, I committed myself to the process; from applying for the license to identifying the event theme to looking for speakers to the actual event and finally post-event coordination. It was a rewarding experience, a time to put my project management and team management skills to practice.


5. I quenched my adrenaline with Paragliding -taking a birds-eye view of the city of Daecheon.

Paragliding in Korea

6. I had my second big chop – Keeping healthy clean hair in Korea is one of the hardest things to do. From the long trips to Seoul to the exorbitant prices of braiding, to the dry winters and humidity that will just suck the moisture out of your hair. After having my hair out for a long time, my hair succumbed to it so had no other option but to cut and start anew. With this chop, I got to experiment with colour; a bright orange something I never thought I would do.

Teeny Weeny Afro

7. Started naturing my photography skills. I have always liked photography though I have never put in any efforts to acquiring the skills. Thanks to my job, I started harnessing this skill, I bought my first DSLR Camera and have started to nurture it outside the work environment capturing moments one at a time.

8. Attended Hillsong Concert 2018 in Seoul South Korea. I love Hillsong, and hopefully, I will get to visit their church one day. I showed up, praised my lungs out and danced/jumped like never before. Not even the long hours of queuing before the event would stop me.

9. Taking my exercise routine seriously. Although, I have been in and out of the gym, in the later part of the year I got a health scare that helped me re-align my life to what really matters. I purposed to have at least four days of gym every week and a daily target of 8000 steps minimum. Today is day 80 and still counting. Exercise is now part of my lifestyle.

Overall I am grateful for all the experiences in 2018 both the good and ugly. Cheers to an incredible 2019. More adventures await.