Hiking Mountain Inwangsan, Seoul

Inwangsan mountain translating to “mountain of the generous king” is located right in the middle of Seoul. It is 338 meters high and will give you the most glorious view of Seoul. At the top, you will see Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower, Lotte World Tower and the Blue House (President’s house) all in one view. And the best part it’s free of charge. It is an easy hike (though some friends of mine don’t think it is hiking) so can be done even by beginners.

We got lost trying to find the mountain (private car), so we ended up at the side of the mountain that is still under development. Nevertheless, we found our way to the usual paths and the view at the top was rewarding.

I believe the sunset at the top of this mountain would be magical; I would love to go back watch the sunset.

View from the top


If you are tired of the urban city life and would like to experience some nature and peaceful scenery, escape to Mt. Inwangsan for some refreshing views.