This year I featured in a video celebrating all the different women at my workplace. Hearing all these women from different backgrounds share what women’s day means to them, their achievements and some of the greatest challenges they have experienced as women, I realized one thing. Irrespective of nationality, religious background or level of education, women experience the same challenges, one thing that kept on appearing in everyone’s interview in different forms is the fact that they are looked down as women, the fact their voice has been silenced in one way or another.

I am encouraged that those hurdles didn’t stop them from achieving their dreams. All these women left their comfort zones, their home countries to pursue either a career or an education in a homogeneous country such as Korea. They continue to pursue their dreams and inspire those that they come in contact with. Kudos to these women.

International Women’s Day 2019 at SolBridge International School of Business

As I celebrate these women, I would also like to acknowledge all the women who are struggling to make it on their own; I recognize the women who are still voiceless or suffering any kind of abuse. Let us continue to press forward one day at a time. Let us strive to #BalanceforBetter