Jangtaesan Recreational Forest (장태산자연휴양림) is one of the many tourist attractions in Daejeon and a popular location for its beautiful sequoia trees in the Fall. Located on the outskirts of Daejeon in Jangan-dong, Seo-gu, the recreational center consists of thick Ginko trees, valleys, streams, hiking trails, and a small reservoir. The center offers a variety of activities to do, with an outside gym for exercise, a botanical garden, places to sit and relax, or multiple paths to take a walk in the forest. It is a place catering to various interests with the sole purpose of connecting people with nature – an excellent place for anyone, no matter your interests.


The mountain is easy to hike, with different short trails providing a magnificent view of the forest park. In addition, there is an elevated walkway (Skywalk) and an iconic park bridge that can all be seen beautifully at the top of the trail. A visit to the winding sky tower takes you through the sequoia trees and provides a birds-eye view of the area. It is also an excellent place for those looking to take a few Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Our Experience

This was literally a walk in the park, not strenuous at all. We had packed some food and prepared for a proper hike, but we only needed some things we had packed. In our experience, this was a place for everyone, from couples taking fall pictures to mountain bikers, children, and people taking professional photoshoots. We even connected with some of the people taking professional photos and managed to have a pic of me taken with one of the models. Since the hike was short, we spent most of our time enjoying the beautiful tall sequoia trees and taking pictures. 

Although we only hiked one trail, I recommend exploring the various trails considering most are less strenuous and relatively short to walk.

Also, the park is most prevalent in autumn for its magical and beautiful colors when all the sequoia trees turn colors. The weather is also great as it is not hot or so cold. The only downside is that many people visit this place in Fall, so you might have to wait in some areas. 

Where to eat

We didn’t eat anything close by, but there is a café nearby with snacks, drinks, and relaxing music that blends in with nature. 

How to Get there from Daejeon

Bus No.20 goes there directly and can be accessed at the bus station opposite the world food store close to Daejeon station. There is, however, a long bus interval that you should factor in your time.