HIKING IN KOREA: Bukhansan Dullengil Section 21 Uiryeong-gil

Section 21 is the last trail of Bukhansan Dullengil, a path that was used by the North Korean army to invade Seoul in 1968. Since then, it was closed off to the public and controlled by the military forces until 2009, when it officially opened to civilians. It is 6.5 km and takes approximately 3 hours from start to finish with beautiful views of Bukhansan and the Obong, meaning “Five peaks.”

The number of hikers on this trail is still limited to 1,000 people a day, not for military reasons, but for ecological safety. Hikers are required to make reservations online on the Bukhansan National Park website.

Murals decorate the beginning of the trail, by Obong apartment, the terrain is the same along a gravel “murrum like” and sometimes shaded road. There are lots of areas with benches to take a rest or grab a snack.

At the end of the trail, there are many traditional Korean restaurants and cafés. Make sure to stop by for the Korean pancakes and Makholi for a complete Korean hiking experience. Since we had packed a heavy lunch, we visited the coffee shop “RELAX,” a beautiful café with mountain views by the stream.

If you are in Seoul and want a quick and easy hike or walk, Section 21 of the Bukhansan Dullengil is highly recommended. It is an excellent introduction for people looking to start hiking.

How to get there

Take train station Gupabal Station and take exit one

Take Bus 704 and get off at Seokgram Entrance (There is a CU at the beginning of the trail)

At the end of the course, it takes about 10-20 minutes’ walk to Bukhansan Ui station on the UI-Sinseol (Lime green) line.


Start of the hike


Happy Hiking!