Happy Women’s Day 2017
I must confess, I have never really thought about the importance of Women’s day except that I looked forward to having another public holiday back then in Uganda.  (I seriously miss these public holidays). But today, even though I don’t have a day off at work (not that I am complaining) I kept on thinking about the importance of this day and my role as a woman.

A few things were done at work today by our male colleagues to celebrate us women; One of the male colleagues made us cups of tea and offered us nuts, Later on, we each received a red rose in commemoration of this day. Every woman loves flowers even if it is one rose.  These little gestures reminded me that women are special spices in this world. I believe we are the mothers (both by birth or affiliation) of the nations. Like Harriet Beacher Stower says

“Women are the real architects of Society”

One of the many jobs of a woman is to design the society in which they live and ensure it grows up in the correct way. That is a huge job, isn’t it?

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s as a way of honoring the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Today I would like to celebrate the women in my life, my two awesome mums (yes, I have two mothers but that’s a story for another day) for their Support both emotional, physical and financially, their constant prayers and sacrifices that they have made for me; my lovely sisters and nieces and the incredible friends – the ones that love me for me regardless.

I would also like to celebrate another type of women: the ones that are struggling to make it on their own, the single mothers, the women sacrificing their careers to raise their families, the women who are living miles away from their husbands for one reason or another, the women suffering abuse in any way, the women struggling to making a landmark in the “so-called field of men”. I celebrate you all today. Let’s continue to push through day by day. We will make an impact on this world, we will shape the world to what we want it to be, starting with the world around us. And as we reflect on our value as women, Lets #BeBoldForChange

Happy Women’s Day!