Chameleon Aura by Billy Chapata

Chameleon Aura is an easy read providing a thought-proving take on the universal experiences of love, pain and the after-effects.  The poems speak to the heart bringing hope for improvement and evolvement into the reader’s better self. The message of self-love and acceptance is re-echoed throughout the book.

Here are some of my favourite quotes/poems from the book.

“As we proceed on this journey called life, we will take on many shapes, many forms, and many identities and this is what makes us truly beautiful. The experiences we go through, and the people we cross paths with, only add more energy to the direction we’re are headed in, more detail to the ground that we step on and more colour to our narrative.”

“Celebrate the small victories, the quiet wins and silent achievements. Celebrate the magic that happens behind the curtains. Clap for yourself even when no one is watching.”

“The content of our conversations, the general vibe and flow, tell me so much about our conversation. It is hard to swim shallow waters. Look at your conversations today, look at how they leave you feeling afterwards cease. Do you feel reenergized or drained? Anyone who doesn’t make you feel like magic after you converse shouldn’t be given too much energy. Treat substance like a stable food.”

“Some of us are in long-distance relationships without selves and we don’t even know it. We give and give and give, pouring energy outward, packing all our belongings, resting in others’ hearts while abandoning home. If your heart could speak, would you shed tears of happiness or tears of pain?”

“Some connections require space to survive, some need to die in order to be reborn. Some connections need to be released for you to breathe.”

“Choosing yourself will always be the most beautiful love language you will ever learn”

“Don’t get so wrapped up in other people’s journeys that you forget that your path deserves unique footprints of its own. Don’t get so absorbed in other people’s stories that you forget that you are the vast book of empty pages waiting to be written.”

“Softness isn’t weakness. Being impenetrable doesn’t make you strong. There is life in being unapologetically vulnerable.”

“Dialogue is oxygen, Conversations are energy, words and food. Your soul is too vast to be feeding on anything that doesn’t fill you. You deserve exchanges that feel like full-course meals.”