A trip to Dacheong Dam and Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail

Dacheong Dam
I have lived in Daejeon for over two years and have never been to Dacheong Dam and Gyejoksan Mountain. I had heard about the dam but never got the opportunity to visit (I guess I could blame it on the distance). It took a visit from a friend for me to finally visit the place. There are plenty of things you can do at the Dacheong Dam (Water Culture Center) including a stroll through the three exhibition halls, swimming, fishing, cycling or just exploring/ chilling and enjoying the serene views.

On this particular visit, we explored the area and managed to get ourselves bike cycling passports around the major rivers in Korea. (Adding this on my must-do things before I leave Korea).

Dacheong Dam

To get to Dacheong Dam, you can take buses No. 701, 720, or 724 to Sintanjin from Daejeon Station and then Bus No. 722 or 723 from Sintanjin to Daecheong Dam.

Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail
Since Dacheong Dam is not so far away from Gyejoksan mountain, we decided to do a little hike to Gyejoksanseong Fortress. Being my first hiking trail ever, it was a bit tough, but the view of downtown Daejeon from the top made it worthwhile. You can either take the Red Clay trail, a barefoot (eco-healing) walking trail, or the regular trail. I grew up in a remote village in Uganda and walking bare feet was the norm of the day, so I wasn’t enthusiastic to take off my shoes and walk bare feet. I, however, used the barefoot trail on my way back because my feet were hurting from all the stairs to the top. The feeling of cold, soft clay on my feet was terrific and soothing from the hike up. The trail is aimed to give one a therapeutic and unique experience.

Red Clay Trail


Little resting place


Gyejoksanseong Fortress


View of downtown Daejeon

Gyejoksan Mountain is also a place for people that loving camping.

To get to Gyejoksan Mountain, take Bus No.2 from Daejeon Bus Terminal to Wa-dong Hyundai Apt. Bus Stop and transfer to Bus No. 74 to Jang-dong Forest Park Bus Stop.